Violeta Aggalot

  • Basic Information
  • Age 41 years old
    Which country are you residing? Canada
    Nationality Philippines
    Education B.S. Industrial Technology
    Marital Status Married with Children
    Do you have children? Yes
    How many years experience do you have in childcare? 12 years

  • Education Details
  • College/University Philippines
    City/Country Philippines
    Years attended 1990-1993
    Degree Industrial Education
    Education Type Bachelor's Degree

  • Skills
  • Driving license No
    Swimming skills No
    First Aid Willing to learn

  • Personal Information
  • What type of job are you looking for? Live-In

    Height 5'
    Weight 52kg
    First Language Tagalog
    Proficiency Speak

    Second Language English
    Proficiency Speak

    Religion Roman Catholic
    Do you smoke? No
    How would you rate your overall health? Excellent
    Do you like pets? Yes
    Are you willing to take care of pets? Yes
    Do you have experience with pets? No
    Do you have any allergies to animals? No

  • Elderly Care Experience

  • Employment History
  • Job # 1 Position Domestic Helper
    City / Country Hong Kong
    Ages of Children or Individuals being cared for 4 mos to 12 years old
    Duties Housekeeping, send and pick up kids to school
    Reason for leaving Finish Contract
    Job # 2 Position Caregiver
    City / Country Canada
    Ages of Children or Individuals being cared for Elderly
    Duties Cooking, Laundry, grocery and housekeeping
    Reason for leaving She passed away

  • Additional Information
  • Are you willing to travel with family? Yes
    Preferred start date ASAP
    Can you make one year commitment? YES
    Length of stay / Commitment looking for 2 or more years
    Why choose me I am an honest person, kind, reliable, trustworthy, and a loving nanny.

Violeta Aggalot
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