Arieta Martin

  • Basic Information
  • Age 34
    Which country are you residing? Jamaica
    Nationality Jamaican
    Education Bachelor's in P.E & Diploma in Geriatric Nursing
    Marital Status Single with Children
    Do you have children? Yes
    How many years experience do you have in childcare? 1yr

  • Education Details
  • College/University G.C. Foster College
    City/Country Jamaica
    Years attended 4
    Degree Bachelor's
    Education Type Teaching

  • Skills
  • Driving license No
    First Aid Willing to learn

  • Personal Information
  • What type of job are you looking for? Live-In

    Height 5
    Weight 130 lbs
    First Language English
    Proficiency Speak

    Proficiency Speak
    Read & Write

    Religion christianity
    Do you smoke? No
    How would you rate your overall health? Excellent
    Do you like pets? Yes
    Are you willing to take care of pets? Yes
    Do you have experience with pets? Yes
    Do you have any allergies to animals? No

  • Elderly Care Experience
  • Years of Elderly care experience 2 yrs

  • Employment History
  • Job # 1 Position nanny/ house keeper
    City / Country Jamaica
    Ages of Children or Individuals being cared for 6 months, 3 yrs and 7yrs
    Duties Baby sitter and general household duties
    Reason for leaving That family migrated to the UK.
    Job # 2 Position Elderly care giver
    City / Country Jamaica
    Ages of Children or Individuals being cared for 86 yrs
    Duties Bathing, feeding, pericare, grooming, administering medications, providing companionship.
    Reason for leaving Her grand daughter moved back home to care for her.

  • Additional Information
  • Are you willing to travel with family? Yes
    Can you make one year commitment? yes
    Length of stay / Commitment looking for 2 yrs and up
    Why choose me I am a very clean, honest, caring, intelligent person. I love being with kids and the elderly. I am a trained P.E teacher and Geriatric nurse and I am also very fit as I am a long distance runner.

Arieta Martin
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