daisy jane

  • Basic Information
  • Age 30
    Which country are you residing? philippines
    Nationality filipino
    Education BS in Nursing
    Marital Status Single with Children
    Do you have children? Yes
    How many years experience do you have in childcare? 7 years

  • Education Details
  • College/University pines city colleges
    City/Country baguio city Philippines
    Years attended 2001-2005
    Date graduated 13/04/2005
    Degree BS in Nursing
    Education Type college

  • Skills
  • Driving license No
    First Aid Yes

  • Personal Information
  • What type of job are you looking for? Live-In

    Height 5'3
    Weight 110 lbs
    First Language english
    Proficiency Speak

    Second Language filipino
    Proficiency Speak

    Religion roman catholic
    Do you smoke? No
    How would you rate your overall health? Excellent
    Do you like pets? No
    Are you willing to take care of pets? No
    Do you have experience with pets? No
    Do you have any allergies to animals? Yes

  • Elderly Care Experience
  • Years of Elderly care experience 8 years
    Experience with any special needs parkinsons, Alzheimers disease

  • Employment History
  • Job # 1 Position staff nurse
    City / Country bolinao pangasinan philippines
    From 01/01/2006
    To 03/12/2014
    Ages of Children or Individuals being cared for 1-7 years old
    Duties my duties as a nurse is to take care children with illness, meds should be given,
    Reason for leaving presently working but can leave anytime
    Job # 2 Position neri family
    City / Country bolinao pangasinan philippines
    From 01/04/2014
    To 30/09/2014
    Ages of Children or Individuals being cared for elderly aged 69 and 80 years old
    Duties bathing, proper hygeine,prepare meals,oral meds should be given on time, osteoral feeding, insulin and meds injection, bed sore/wound cleaning and treatment, catheter insertion and changing, attend their needs specially, exchange conversation
    Reason for leaving my reason of leaving is because my female patient passed away. and they no longer needs my service..the male patient is ambulatory and can manage himself without nurse supervised.

  • Additional Information
  • Are you willing to travel with family? Yes
    Preferred start date as soon as possible
    Can you make one year commitment? yes
    Why choose me i was raised in a family mostly with elders and was thought to take care and respect them. they should be given the best care and love they deserved. well trained but still willing to learn more and upgrade my skills and knowledge.

daisy jane
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