And why you should sponsor...
Most employers looking to hire reliable live-in help would have been asked to “sponsor ” in a suitable Caregiver or an In Home Nanny from overseas. The reason for this being the acute shortage in the local availability of experienced, affordable Caregivers willing to work on a live- in basis. The government of Canada acknowledges this fact and has responded to this need by implementing the Caregiver Program whereby employers who qualify ( i.e meet the Program criteria in terms of income level, number of persons requiring care, degree of assistance required, ability to provide adequate room and board for the live-in Caregiver etc.) can actually bring in qualified and experienced foreign workers from overseas to work for them on a two-year contract.  Employers need to be aware that once the Caregiver comes into Canada , if for some reason the Employer no longer requires her services or the Caregiver feels unhappy with the working conditions and/or the wroking conditions or  actual hours of work are different from those specified in the Contract, either party can terminate the Contract... after serving the other party the period of notice specified in the written Contract or giving pay in lieu of.

THE COST FACTOR: A Worker under the Caregiver Program is often preferred by employers not only because they are slightly more affordable but also because most of them are agreeable to work on a Live in Basis which fulfills the employers needs. When you sponsor a Caregiver under the Caregiver Program  in ONTARIO (either locally or from overseas) you pay  $11.54- an hour (approx. $2000 a month inclusive of taxes. Your total out of pocket will vary depending on the province you're hiring from ( between $10.20 to $11.80 an hour), the type of care required and the number of children/persons to be cared for.

TIME TAKEN TO SPONSOR FROM OVERSEAS: The average period of time it takes for your Caregiver to actually arrive here depends on the country you chose to sponsor from. For instance, if you choose to sponsor in a Caregiver from Hong Kong, the period of time from when the Employer puts in an application for HRDC Validation to the Caregiver actually receiving her Work Permit in hand could be EIGHT TO NINE months. Sponsoring from the Philippines now takes four to five months at the maximum.

Therefore it is advisable to plan well ahead and start the selection and sponsorship process seven to nine months prior to the time you actually need the Nanny or Caregiver to start working for you.


  1. 1. Education and past work experience: Generally speaking, select a Caregiver who has had past experience working at a job that required skills and capabilities similar to the ones required in your household. For instance, someone who has successfully taken care of newborns or twins for a length of time would find the job easier than someone who has had no experience at all.
  2. 2. Duration of employment (with past employers): speaks volumes about a person's stability and ability to successfully adapt and adjust to the employer's needs and requirements and blend in with the family.
  3. 3. Communication skills: If you have toddlers or preschoolers to be cared for, it is a good idea to select a candidate who has good language skills because children tend to learn things from the Nanny with whom they spend a considerable amount of time.
  4. 4. ATTITUDE is everything!! All of the above factors notwithstanding, attitude is the one factor that makes the difference between a run-of-the-mill Nanny/Caregiver/Housekeeper and an “amazing” one. A Caregiver with a calm and pleasant disposition and a cheerful, “can do” attitude will make your house a nice place to come home to. And if you're fortunate enough to have selected such a Nanny/Caregiver, be sure to give her enough positive feedback to let her know that her thoughtfulness, caring and hard work is appreciated!!


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