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Amacare is a Canadian Nanny and Caregiver Placement Agency specializing in providing Quality Homecare Support, Live in and Live -out Nannies for children and Caregivers for the Elderly and people with disabilities or special needs. Amacare Nannies & Caregivers prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethical business practices while providing you with fast, friendly and personalized service geared to match your needs. We believe in according the highest priority to each and every one of our clients, and treating Employers as well as Caregivers and Nannies with the respect and attention they deserve.

Corporate History

Amacare was established by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals committed to helping you find a Nanny or a Caregiver who is the 'right fit for your family' someone who shares the same values as you do and is also pleasant, cheerful, experienced, flexible, energetic, reliable, efficient and qualified and trained for the job.

Amacare's Director, Samira Lall (pictured above) was an Elementary School teacher for thirteen years prior to working at a large and reputed Immigration Law Firm (specializing in bringing Caregivers into Canada under the Live-in Caregiver Program). She has also worked with o the r leaders in the field of providing Homecare Support Services. It is this experience and knowledge that she brings to the firm along with a drive to excel by providing friendly and efficient service at affordable rates. Total customer satisfaction is our goal and we believe that that can be achieved only when we keep your needs and specific requirements in mind. The bottomline: Amacare believes in sending to you only those Caregivers and Nannies whom we'd be comfortable trusting our own family with!

Amacare's Office Manager and key contact person for both local and overseas Caregiver candidates is Ms. Jean Tanawan. A Medical Secretary by profession, she brings to the job her past experience of mutltitasking and working in a fast paced environment while maintaining customer focus and an always cheerful demeanour, giving meaning to the adage: providing Service with a smile!

Why Go Through An Agency

First-time employers are often sceptical about the need to go through an Agency to find the right Nanny/Caregiver for their family. The advantages of going through a reputable and established Agency are many. To name a few...

  • 1) You the Employer have the confidence and satisfaction of knowing that the Caregiver/Nanny in your house is not only qualified and experienced at the job but also has legal status in the country.
  • 2) You also have the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that if "things don't work out" between your Nanny/Caregiver and you (for whatever reason) Amacare will promptly send in a suitable replacement/s at the earliest possible, saving you the stress and inconvenience of being stranded without reliable help and the burden of finding a suitable substitute.
  • 3) An Agency also relieves you of the hassle of advertising for help and then interviewing scores of candidates to sort out the chaff from the grain so to speak. Saves you TIME

Why Choose Amacare

  • 1) Because Amacare recommends only those candidates whom we'd trust our own family with.
  • 2) Because Amacare will do the screening and background and reference checks for you and send out to you a hand-picked few for you to select from.
  • 3) Because we care... and that's what makes the difference.


Amacare Inc. caters to a select clientele of people who believe in paying for the services they use and value our professionalism and customer focus. Just as our reputation is built by the Caregivers we place, our reputation is also largely built by the elite clientele we serve!

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